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Torrential Rainfall

Friday, August 24th, 2007

Waves of thunderstorms dumped 5.01 inches of rain yesterday and overnight. The total August rainfall now stands at 11.25 inches! Normal is somewhere between 4 and 4.5 inches.

Rain, Rain, and more Rain

Monday, August 20th, 2007

A nearby stationary front has resulted in waves of showers and thunderstorms over the last few days. Our monthly total for August as of 6AM was 4.25 inches. More rain of at least 1 inch fell since then bringing our total to over 5 inches now. I measure the “official” rainfall reading each morning from a manual rain gauge. The GooseLakeWeather rain value on the web site is from an automated gauge. Automated gauges are useful (and convenient!) but tend to underestimate heavy rainfall. I update the monthly values on the web page with the actual manual readings at the end of the month.

More rain is possible during the remainder of the week. Flooding is occurring along parts of the Des Plaines and Fox rivers in northeast Illinois but no serious problems noted here.

A Slight Reprieve

Friday, August 17th, 2007

Northwest winds are bringing drier air into the area this afternoon. As of 2PM the dewpoint was 64 degrees. Dewpoints were in the low 50’s in Rockford so hopefully that dry air will move down here as well.  Time to give the AC a rest. It is actually a very pleasant day…for a change. Things will not stay pleasant for long however as warm moist air and upper level disturbances promise to bring more unsettled weather over the weekend.


Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

Are you interested in observing weather from your backyard? If you like to keep track of rain, snow, and hail then CoCoRaHS is for you! CoCoRaHS is the acronym for the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network. The network began in Colorado in 1998 and has steadily expanded with Illinois becoming part of the network in December 2006. You will need to purchase an official CoCoRaHS rain gauge (it is important for comparison and consistency that all observers use the same type gauge) and attend a training session to learn the proper procedures for installing the gauge, taking your measurement, and reporting the data. CoCoRaHS observers report via a web page and they can see their reports and other reports on maps almost instantly after transmitting the data. To see current data and learn more about CoCoRaHS go to:

Gooselakeweather is CoCoRaHS site IL-GY-1, Carbon Hill 3.1N.

Drier Air Filtering In

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

Although temperatures remain warm, drier air is gradually filtering in as indicated by the dropping dew point temperatures. This will be a welcome relief from the humid weather of recent days. The dew point is the best measure of moisture in the air and comfort levels. Although comfort levels vary from person to person, most feel uncomfortable when the dew point reaches 70 degrees or above.

July 2007 Climate Summary

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

Here are some stats from July 2007:

The max temperature for the month was 90.8 on July 9.
The min temperature for the month was 52.6 on July 13.
The monthly mean temperature was 72.0.
Total rainfall was 4.64 inches. We had 1 day with 1 inch or greater and 3 days with 0.50 inch or greater.
Rainfall was recorded on 10 days.

The rainfall was welcome during the month. Monthly rainfall totals can be deceiving. An extreme example would be experiencing rain only 1 day during the month of say 6 inches during a 12 hr period. That month’s rainfall would likely be considered above normal when in fact it rained only 1 day! A more important index is to keep track of the number of days with X amount of rain during a month. During the summer I like to use 0.50 inch as a threshold value. Evapotranspiration is about 0.30 inch/day (approximate average) and you need rainfall to exceed that value to count as surplus.

August is beginning hot and humid.