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New Record Low of -27°!

Friday, January 16th, 2009

A new record low for our Goose Lake Weather “unofficial” station was set this morning when winds went calm and the temperature plummeted to -27° at 7 AM. This breaks the previous record of -22 set back in 1999. It should be noted however that we only began recording weather data at this location in 1999 and “official” NOAA/NWS reporting sites typically have records for 30 years or more. The graph clearly shows that the temperature took a nosedive once the wind went calm.

Snow to Water Ratio

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Have you ever heard the term 10:1 snow to water ratio? This means for every inch of water you could have 10 inches of snow. Did you know that this is a myth? The snow water ratio can very greatly from storm to storm and even during a snow event. Today we measured 6.7 inches of fluffy, dry snow and had a water equivalent of 0.11 inches. That is a 61:1 ratio! That’s probably one of the lowest water content snow that I’ve ever measured.

Snow, Wind and Cold

Monday, January 12th, 2009

This week will see several episodes of snow along with windy conditions and then brutally cold temperatures…the coldest of the season. A blizzard warning is in effect as I write this and travel tonight and early tomorrow will likely be hazardous. Check road conditions here and stay home if you can.

December 2008 Climate Summary

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

What a month of extremes! From a high of 61° to a low of -5°. Precipitation was well above normal and included snow, freezing rain, sleet, and rain. An ice storm December 18-19 produced a glaze of 1/2 inch over all surfaces including our weather equipment. Our anemometer was frozen for several days. Warm temperatures melted the snowpack on December 27 and heavy rain (and thunderstorms) added to the runoff. This resulted in widespread flooding. We even were under a tornado watch and a severe thunderstorm warning during the Dec 27th event! Here are more statistics for December:

Average temperature     = 24.0°F
Average humidity        = 85%
Average dewpoint        = 20.0°F
Average barometer       = 30.101 in.
Average wind speed       = 7.2 mph
Average gustspeed       = 10.5 mph
Average direction       = 235° ( SW)

Total Precipitation = 5.16 inches (rain and snow water equivalent)
Total Snowfall = 12.9 inches

Maximum rain per minute = 0.05 on day 27 at time 03:52
Maximum temperature     = 60.9°F on day 27 at time 13:56
Minimum temperature     = -5.1°F on day 21 at time 07:50
Maximum humidity        = 100% on day 27 at time 10:57
Minimum humidity        = 62% on day 07 at time 13:47
Maximum pressure        = 30.72 in. on day 16 at time 00:03
Minimum pressure        = 29.28 in. on day 01 at time 00:48
Maximum wind speed       = 27.6 mph from 248°(WSW) on day 27 at time 23:44
Maximum gust speed      = 43.7 mph from 180°( S ) on day 14 at time 15:48
Maximum heat index      = 60.9°F on day 27 at time 13:56