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Rain at Last

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

Strong thunderstorms last night put on a great lightning display and dropped 1.82 inches of needed rainfall. Most of that rain fell in less than 90 minutes. Other Grundy County CoCoRaHS reports are shown here. Interested in reporting rainfall in your backyard? Sign up for CoCoRaHS today! We need more Grundy County observers.

CoCoRaHS Reports

CoCoRaHS Reports

Rain Missed us by about 7 Miles

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009
Radar Estimated Rainfall

Radar Estimated Rainfall

Scattered thunderstorms with very heavy rain developed late this afternoon. With little wind aloft, storms did not move much once they developed and therefore anyone under a storm received some decent rainfall. Things are getting very dry here again and a “good” rain would be welcome. The image (from around 7:20 PM this evening) shows the radar estimated storm rainfall. You can clearly see that the station here denoted by “GLW” missed the heavy rain. It would appear that portions of Morris received over 2 inches of rain. At last glance our total was only 0.05 inch. It will be interesting to see the CoCoRaHS reports tomorrow morning to see if the radar estimate is accurate.

Update 7/23

Radar was quite accurate. The Morris, ILĀ  NWS cooperative observing site at the Grundy County Emergency Management Agency reported 2.46 inches of rain.

Welcome Rainfall

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Fast moving thunderstorms early this morning dumped 0.71 inch of rain as measured by the manual rain gauge. The automated gauge (shown on the web page) indicated 0.67. Automated gauges tend to underestimate an intense rainfall. Things had been drying out so this was indeed a welcome rain. Temperatures will cool down considerably for the rest of the week, well below normal for this time of year.