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More Rain

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

Our recent dry spell was short-lived as rains returned with 0.72 inch during the last 24 hours. A chance of a rain/snow mix is possible over the next 48 hours.

Warm and Dry for Harvest…Finally

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

We topped out at a very pleasant 73 degrees today, well above the normal high temperature in the low 50s. Another great day with temperatures in the low 70s is expected tomorrow. Dry conditions will prevail allowing area farmers to continue to harvest. The harvest had been delayed due to wet conditions and I imagine some areas in the fields may still be too wet to harvest but another warm day should help.

October 2009 Summary: More Tricks than Treats

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

The month of October was cool and wet. Our average temperature for the entire month was 48.9 degrees. Average is around 53. Total rainfall was a whopping 7.79 inches, well above the normal of around 2.6 inches. Measureable rain was recorded on 18 days this month. This was not good news for local farmers as spring planting was late this year and many crops are still in the field awaiting harvest. A nice long warm dry spell would help about now. A few more stats are listed below:

Average temperature     = 48.9°F
 Average humidity        = 86%
 Average dewpoint        = 44.5°F
 Average barometer       = 29.971 in.
 Average windspeed       = 3.1 mph
 Average gustspeed       = 5.7 mph
 Average direction       = 207° (SSW)
 Maximum rain per minute = 0.050 in on day 29 at time 23:18
 Maximum temperature     = 71.5°F on day 21 at time 15:16
 Minimum temperature     = 27.1°F on day 18 at time 07:24
 Maximum humidity        = 100% on day 30 at time 07:00
 Minimum humidity        = 49% on day 17 at time 14:19
 Maximum pressure        = 30.45 in. on day 11 at time 10:55
 Minimum pressure        = 29.34 in. on day 23 at time 10:43
 Maximum windspeed       = 18.4 mph from 248°(WSW) on day 30 at time 15:25
 Maximum gust speed      = 31.1 mph from 248°(WSW) on day 30 at time 15:24
 Maximum heat index      = 78.0°F on day 19 at time 13:31
 Avg daily max temp :56.5°F
 Avg daily min temp :41.3°F
 Total windrun = 2323.7miles