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A break in the rain

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Enjoy a rain-free week with sunny skies and lower humidities.  A nice change from recent warm, muggy, and stormy conditions.

When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors. Lightning Safety Awareness Week.

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Courtesy NOAA/Mr. Shane Lear

Lightning Safety Awareness Week is June 20-26, 2010. Lightning is the second greatest cause of storm-related deaths in the U.S., killing more than tornadoes or hurricanes.  Lightning also inflicts life-long debilitating injuries on many more than it kills.


Go inside if you hear thunder, but keep away from corded telephones, electrical appliances, and plumbing.  The second safest place is a vehicle with a metal roof and metal sides.

Learn much more about lightning and lightning safety at


Friday, June 4th, 2010

Here’s an image of a distant cumulonimbus cloud (thunderstorm) to our southeast.  A CoCoRaHS observer in Kankakee county had reported 0.30 inch of rain in ten minutes. Also shown is the radar image of the same storm located southeast of Kankakee, IL.

Same storm located southeast of Kankakee, IL

May 2010 Climate Summary

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

May 2010 was warm with four 90-degree days. Here are some detailed stats:
Average temperature = 63.1°F
Average humidity = 77%
Average dewpoint = 54.9°F
Average barometer = 29.949 in.
Average windspeed = 3.2 mph
Average gustspeed = 5.8 mph
Average direction = 105° (ESE)
Rainfall for month = 4.52 in.
Maximum rain per minute = 0.040 in on day 07 at time 04:35
Maximum temperature = 92.8°F on day 24 at time 16:05
Minimum temperature = 36.3°F on day 09 at time 05:59
Maximum humidity = 100% on day 26 at time 05:56
Minimum humidity = 28% on day 05 at time 18:15
Maximum dewpoint = 78.3°F on day 24 at time 09:42
Minimum dewpoint = 32.2°F on day 10 at time 5:41
Maximum pressure = 30.38 in. on day 09 at time 10:22
Minimum pressure = 29.46 in. on day 01 at time 01:58
Maximum windspeed = 19.6 mph from 113°(ESE) on day 12 at time 23:57
Maximum gust speed = 34.5 mph from 270°( W ) on day 08 at time 04:07
Maximum heat index = 105.8°F on day 24 at time 13:50