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Record Hailstone in South Dakota

Friday, July 30th, 2010
South Dakota Storm Produces Record Hailstone July 23, 2010 – link with pictures and nice meteorological discussion from NWS Aberdeen, SD.
National Weather Service Press Release:
South Dakota Storm Produces Record Hailstone
NOAA’s National Climate Extremes Committee, responsible for validating national weather records, has declared a hailstone found last week in Vivian, S.D., to be the largest in diameter and heaviest ever recovered in the United States.
Found after a July 23, 2010, severe thunderstorm by Vivian resident Les Scott, the hailstone is 8.0 inches in diameter and weighs 1.9375 pounds (1 pound, 15 ounces) with a circumference of 18.62 inches.
These measurements displace the previous hailstone record for weight, previously 1.67 pounds for a stone in Coffeyville, Kan., in 1970. They also surpass the record for diameter, which was 7 inches for a hailstone found in Aurora, Neb., in 2003. The Aurora hailstone still holds the record for circumference of 18.75 inches.
“I’m just glad nobody got hurt and hope the town will recover soon,” Scott said.
David Hintz, warning coordination meteorologist at NOAA’s Aberdeen weather forecast office said a local power outage likely led to the hailstone melting some before it could be measured. “Mr. Scott told me the area was littered with large hailstones and the largest had a greater diameter when he first found it. He immediately stored it and several others in his freezer, but a power outage caused some melting.”
After getting Hintz’ notice of a possible record hailstone, personnel at National Weather Service Central Region headquarters in Kansas City, Mo., requested activation of the National Climatic Extremes Committee to examine and judge Scott’s hailstone. Personnel from the Aberdeen office traveled to Vivian to measure and weigh the hailstone, and then turned their findings over to the three-person committee. After a thorough review of the facts, committee members certified its record-breaking status.
Information about the National Climatic Extremes Committee and existing weather records may be found at

New Global Weather Network Map

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

Goose Lake Weather sends data to the Midwestern Weather Network that is composed of weather stations from various locations around the Midwest. There are many such networks worldwide comprised of weather hobbyists with home weather stations similar to ours.

Check out the new Google Global Map of Affiliated Weather Networks.

Heat Awareness

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

With heat index values in the 100’s, be sure and follow some of the important safety measures found here.

Don’t forget your pets! Learn how to keep them cool and happy here.

June 2010 Climate Summary

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

June was an active weather month with several waves of strong to severe storms. Thunder was recorded on 14 of 30 days. Total rainfall was 6.43 inches. In comparison, June of 2009 saw 5.17 inches of rain.  It should be noted that many other locations around the area experienced greater rainfall amounts.

Here are some stats from June:

Averages\Extremes for the month of June 2010

Average temperature     = 72.4°F
Average humidity        = 84%
Average dewpoint        = 66.8°F
Average barometer       = 29.892 in.
Average windspeed       = 1.8 mph
Average gustspeed       = 3.8 mph
Average direction       = 201° (SSW)
Rainfall for month      = 6.43  inches
Maximum rain per minute = 0.100 in on day 12 at time 15:41
Maximum temperature     = 90.5°F on day 18 at time 14:45
Minimum temperature     = 51.4°F on day 30 at time 05:46
Maximum humidity        = 100% on day 23 at time 12:04
Minimum humidity        = 44% on day 09 at time 19:12
Maximum dewpoint        = 82.5°F on day 23 at time 17:30
Minimum dewpoint        = 47.5°F on day 03 at time 22:18
Maximum pressure        = 30.29 in. on day 30 at time 23:54
Minimum pressure        = 29.50 in. on day 05 at time 21:10
Maximum windspeed       = 20.7 mph from 293°(WNW) on day 23 at time 18:25
Maximum gust speed      = 34.5 mph from 315°( NW) on day 18 at time 21:38
Maximum heat index      = 108.6°F on day 23 at time 17:30
Avg daily max temp :82.4°F
Avg daily min temp :62.6°F