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Dry Conditions Continue

Monday, August 30th, 2010

The warm and dry weather has begun to dry out our soil profile down to at least 12 inches according to our soil moisture sensors. This was recently verified when I attempted to dig a post hole! Although some areas of northern Illinois experienced torrential rains this summer, we’ve been near normal and with the recent dry spell, slightly below normal. This is reflected in the streamflows on nearby watersheds. Take a look at the following flow duration hydrographs for two nearby locations — Mazon River near Coal City and Kankakee River near Wilmington, IL. The black trace on the graphs indicate that flows are currently in the lower percentiles. It should be noted that we are approaching the time of year when streams typically experience their lowest flows. The following flow duration hydrographs are courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey.

July 2010 Climate Summary

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Despite some areas of northern Illinois experiencing record rains and subsequent flooding, our station recorded near normal rainfall of 3.79 inches. We’ll gladly take a near normal rain to a flooded basement.

Some climate highlights include:

 Average temperature     = 76.4°F
 Average humidity        = 83%
 Average dewpoint        = 70.4°F
 Average barometer       = 29.937 in.
 Average windspeed       = 1.3 mph
 Average gustspeed       = 3.2 mph
 Average direction       = 215° ( SW)
 Rainfall for month      = 3.79 in.
 Maximum rain per minute = 0.190 in on day 06 at time 17:34
 Maximum temperature     = 92.3°F on day 23 at time 16:15
 Minimum temperature     = 49.7°F on day 01 at time 05:43
 Maximum humidity        = 100% on day 26 at time 08:08
 Minimum humidity        = 45% on day 02 at time 17:02
 Maximum dewpoint        = 83.0°F on day 28 at time 13:52
 Minimum dewpoint        = 48.6°F on day 01 at time 5:43
 Maximum pressure        = 30.36 in. on day 01 at time 07:39
 Minimum pressure        = 29.67 in. on day 11 at time 20:33
 Maximum windspeed       = 12.7 mph from 293°(WNW) on day 23 at time 18:00
 Maximum gust speed      = 25.3 mph from 315°( NW) on day 23 at time 17:54
 Maximum heat index      = 114.9°F on day 23 at time 15:03
 Avg daily max temp :86.8°F
 Avg daily min temp :65.7°F
 Total windrun = 951.1miles