New! NOAA All Hazards Weather Radio Broadcasts


I’m now streaming the NOAA All hazards weather radio broadcast from WXK-24 originating from Odell, IL and broadcasting information for Grundy and surrounding counties. There is a slight delay. This is provided as a service but should not be relied upon as your sole source of weather radio information. For this you should purchase a NOAA weather radio. This is the best way to get advanced warning of impending severe weather. If you’ve never heard of NOAA weather radio here is an excerpt from the NOAA weather radio website:

“Saving lives is the focus of NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards by providing immediate broadcasts of severe weather warnings and civil emergency messages and giving those in harm’s way critical lead time to respond and remain safe. Broadcasts of tornado warnings, flood warnings, AMBER Alerts, chemical spill messages and many other notifications, in addition to routine weather observations and forecasts, make NOAA Weather Radio an essential item for every home, business and public area.”

Learn more here.

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