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Goose Lake Weather is located in Grundy County about 7 miles southeast of Morris, IL in Goose Lake Township. This website was created as a resource for residents in the Morris/Coal City area. We have been providing weather information for the Goose Lake area since 2005. The weather station is privately owned and operated as a hobby and should not be considered an official source for weather data. We are not affiliated with nearby Goose Lake State Park but enthusiastically recommend you visit!

Goose Lake Weather Station History

October 1999 A Davis Weather Monitor II was installed.
March 2005 The Davis WeatherLink datalogger and software was installed on a Pentium 4 PC dedicated to weather data collection.
April 2005 Joined the Citizens Weather Observer Program and began uploading data to CWOP. Station ID is KC9DNQ-3.
May 2005 Purchased and installed Weather Display software.  I've since added WD related applications including Weather Display Live and MesoMap Live.
November 2005 Goose Lake Weather website created! The first web site to provide realtime weather info for the area. 
February 2006 GooseLakeWeather began uploading data to Weather Underground. Station name is KILMORRI2.
October 2006 A wireless Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus was installed and is currently undergoing testing. Plans are to switch to this station for all weather data in the Spring of 2007. In addition to temperature, humidity, pressure, and wind data, this station also records ultraviolet radiation (UV) and solar radiation.
January 2007 GooseLakeWeather site gets a new look!
May 27, 2007 Switched weather stations to the new Davis VP2+. You will now see solar and UV data.
June 2007 Updated the graphs page. 6/29/07...Added a new weather blog page.
July 2007 Added image on front page from new webcam.
November 2007 Added a link to a new weather calculator and a link to the latest IL winter road conditions.
January 2008 Added streaming live NOAA Weather Radio Station WXK-24 from Odell, IL.
September 2008 Added soil temperature and soil moisture readings at 4, 12, 24, and 36 inch depths.
February 2009 Redesign of web site.
March 2009 Goose Lake Weather is now a member and submitting data to the Quake Catcher Network.
September 2009 Installed a Boltek StormTracker lightning detector and added lightning data to the web page.
October 2010 Temperature/RH sensor replaced in ISS and station moved about 100 feet southwest to provide better exposure for equipment.
June 2011 A second webcam was installed outside facing south-southwest. This is a Panasonic BL-C140 IP cam.
July 2011 Added a leaf wetness sensor to our soil temp and moisture monitoring station. Data ranges from 0 dry to 15 wet. See the latest reading on the garden weather page.
September 2012 We are now part of the Davis Weatherlink network. We are listed as station "Goose Lake". Download an app for your smartphone to view the data. Learn more here
September 2012 Upgraded the Davis VP2 Plus station to one with a 24 hr fan aspirated radiation shield for more accurate temperature/humidity/dew point readings.
May 2014 Replaced the Panasonic web cam with a Vivotek IP7361 for the southwest facing view.
July 2014 Joined the UKMet WOW program. Now submitting observations to the network.
July 2014 Began using an extra temperature sensor placed a few inches above the grass to measure the "grass minimum" temperature. Data is available from our garden weather page
Jan 2015 Began submitting data to the AWEKAS network.
June 2015 Created an audio file of current conditions and added link on front page.
January 2016 Replaced the north facing Axis207W webcam with a Sharx SCNC2900W webcam after the Axis quit.
March 2017 added new Live Gauges page and Nearby Airport Metar Reports under the Observations Menu
March 2017 added new UV Forecast under the Forecast Menu
March 2017 Changed Live NOAA Weather Radio . Added a new page. Now streaming KXI58 from Plano, IL. Odell signal was too weak.
March 2017 Added a new Status page. This provides a quick way to monitor if products are current

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